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AIETI is included into the WHO AVICENNA Directory for medicine, it is a member of the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) and Organization for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System (ORPHEUS).

A large number of the graduates have already completed or are currently doing the residency or other proficiency courses, working as physicians in prominent USA and European Universities and Clinics.The absolute majority of the graduates have been employed in the professional field, while many more successfully passed the international exams (USMLE, PLAB, MCI) and are currently developing their skills at clinics and research centers of the USA, Germany, Britain, Sweden and other countries. A number of the graduates have returned to the School as efficient teachers. Some have earned their PhD degree.

Faculty of Medicine

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine is awarded the MD Diploma  with the qualification of General Practitioner.

Undergraduate education lasts for 6 years at the AIETI Medical School involving 3 stages:

I. Basic Medical Science Learning - requires 5 semesters (2.5 years).

II. Clinical Science Learning - requires subsequent 5 semesters (VI – X).

III. Clinical Clerkship - requires 1 year (VI academic year). Students receive general specialization.

The workload of the 6-year educational process represents 240 weeks or 1440 days or 360 ECT. I stage (including all the basic subjects except the Principles of Clinical Diagnosis and Clinical Assessment & Diagnostic Methods) lasts for 90 weeks or 540 days being awarded 135 ECT. II stage (including clinical subjects) requires 110 weeks or 660 days being awarded 165 ECT; III stage (primary specialization) lasts for 40 weeks or 240 days being awarded 60 ECT.

At the end of the Clinical Clerkship in case of successfully passed graduation examinations a graduate receives the Diploma of General Practitioner.

The learning process is conducted on English languages using the textbooks compatible with the international programs and recommended in the USA. The learning process is conducted by the prominent national specialists.

The medical library received from the USA by the Georgian Foundation for Physician Specialization, the video and audio aids of the Association of American Physicians, computer based learning methods (computer classes, Internet) and visual aids are utilized throughout the educational process.


Join the AIETI Medical School!

Look intently into the FIVE motivating implications to encourage your keenness on being enrolled into the AIETI Medical School:

You will have no language problem since we deliver the education in English

You will use the newest USA Medical Textbooks, Manuals and other aids

You will be tempered for mastering the USMLE based Program

Your aptitude for solving Multiple Choice Questions from the USMLE case-based Exams will be fostered and raised next to perfect

All successful graduates of our school are guaranteed to pass the MCI and other international exams

You will acquire all-embracing and sound knowledge to seek for successful career in Medical Field.

The AIETI Medical School offers you a real opportunity to stand on the highway leading to the International Medical License.

Don't lose your chance! Make your decision and see the success show up very soon!



The international students willing to study at the University are free from Unified National Examination

(according to Georgian legislation).


The international students are supposed to meet the requirements of University to study at accredited program.

Eligibility Criteria

Students who have been living abroad during last two or more years and have a will to study at the University must contact the University’s appropriate department  before the beginning of academic year and have to complete and sign the application form at the University’s web-site and send it to the University enclosing the following documents:

For Bachelor’s Programs

(also for one-step educational program in Dentistry) – high (secondary) school leaving certificate and official transcript, order of enrollment  (original or official copy, certified by an apostle); In case of transferring from other higher educational institution - high (secondary) school leaving certificate with official transcript, order of enrollment and official transcript from higher educational institution (original or official copy, certified by an apostle);

For Master’s Programs

Bachelor’s certificate (diploma) and official transcripts (original or  official copy, both certified by apostle);

These documents are subject to translation into Georgian and notarization;

II.     Photocopy of the birth certificate (translated into Georgian and notarized);

III.   Photocopy of the passport (translated into Georgian and notarized);

IV. A certificate proving that the applicant had lived abroad for the past two years;

V. Written request addressed to the University and Ministry of Education (to be signed by an applicant)

VI. 4 photos (size 3×4 cm.)

VII.  Health Insurance (can be done in Tbilisi)

VIII. Document, certifying fees transferring to the University (this sum is used for the translation of documents into Georgian and notarization).

All the documents must be submitted in the English language.

After the submission of all the documents Rector the University makes a provisional decision on the enrolement of a student and this decision is notified to the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. The final decision is made by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. In the case of a positive decision an applicant pays the tuition fee to the bank account of the University. The applicant receives an official letter of enrollment on the basis of which letter he/she can apply for the entry visa (for the representatives of countries having visa regime with Georgia), a contract between student and the University will be concluded.


WAYS of Admission and Study in AEITI

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