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Faculty of Medicine

Medicine, qualification: Medical Doctor

Stomatology: qualification: Doctor of Dental Medicine

Occupational Therapy, qualification: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

All  applications with confirmation letters from  TSU undergo approval process at National Center for Education Quality  Enhancement (NCEQE).

All applicants will receive the Invitation Letters from TSU, in order to facilitate  the procedures for issuing Visa.

Annual tuition fee for 2018-2019 academic year is $ 5,000.Students may pay per semester: $2,500 each semester.

The history of higher medical education originates from October 1918 when the Faculty of Medicine was established at the Tbilisi State University. Since May 1919, by decision of the Board of Professors, the Medical Faculty continued to exist as an independent unit until 1930 when the Tbilisi State Medical Institute was founded on the basis of the Medical Faculty.


In 1995, higher medical education was restored at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, first at the Faculty of Biology and Medicine as medical specialization, and in 2000 as an independent faculty.


Currently the faculty is running one-tier academic programs for physicians and dentists. Since 2006, within the framework of TEMPUS project, there has been operating a new bachelor’s program in occupational therapy in full accordance with the Bologna Process and Tuning Methodology. In clinical and theoretical departments of the faculty, teaching process is conducted in the leading medical institutions. Distinguished students receive professional training in Germany, at the academic study clinics of the Universities of Leipzig and Dresden.


The faculty is running alternative to residency post-diploma academic programs, as well as Master’s (Public Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics) and Doctoral programs.


During the last few years, numerous scientific conferences (among them international) dedicated to actual problems of medicine were organized by the faculty. The academic staff published scientific works in high impact scholarly journals; textbooks, monographs, and translations were issued as well. The faculty academic staff permanently participates in national and international scientific grant projects.


Click At These Following Links:

Regulations of the Faculty of Medicine Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


Ordinance N135/ნ as of September 11, 2013 of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Tbilis...


Internal Regulations and Disciplinary Norms Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


Code of Ethics Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


Admission Procedure

Document required

In order to get "Invitation letter" from the desired university, the student should provide the SCANS of following documents by email.

International Passport with photograph on it. Full Name of student and Serial Number of Passport should be clearly VISIBLE. The validity of Passport should not less than next 1 year

Educational Documents (O level/ SSCE/ HSSC, Bachelor or Master Degree if available)

The E-mail with scans of above mentioned documents should contain following information respectively

Name, Middle name and Surname

Nationality ,

Date & place of birth,


Passport number,

Passport validity (date of issue & expiry),

Permanent address,

Temporary address/ Current address (if different form permanent address)

We secure “Invitation Letters” for students who apply through us earlier and issue their “Invitation Letters” from chosen/ recommended Universities respectively. The Universities keep issuing the “Invitation Letters” letters from March/ April to November (mostly extended to December).

After March/ April, it takes between 7  working days to issue an “Invitation to Study” letter from a chosen/ recommended University.

* Fast courier service “TNT”, “DHL”, “FedEx” or EMS deliver the “Invitation to Study” Letter within 4 to 5 working days. The cost of courier service is 100$US.

The classes start by 1st September. Foreign students are allowed to join their English Medium Programs until 15th of November. Students arriving after 15th of November can join Preparatory Programs only.

* All dues are paid on arrival in Georgia except the cost of “Invitation Letter” 300$US & the cost of courier “TNT”, “DHL”, FedEx or EMS 100$US i.e. total of 400$US . This amount is paid to us through Western Union or Money Gram or Bank Transfer. For Master/ PhD Level "Invitation letter" costs 400$US and courier charges bringing the total to 500$US to be paid upfront.

The students should always provide their valid postal address & contact numbers on Application form.

Upon Receiving Invitation letter

The student should contact Georgia embassy in his / her country in order to apply for the student visa. Georgia embassy starts accepting Student Visa Applications and issue Student Visa by May/ June and keep issuing until 15 th November. In some countries Georgia embassy starts working with Student Visa Applications and issue Student Visa by 15th August to 15th November (usually it is extended to December/ January). Following documents should be submitted in Georgia Embassy to obtain a Student Visa,

Document required for visa:

** Visa Application form filled

** Int'l Passport (Traveling Document valid not less than one year )

** Original Invitation Letter from University

* Birth Certificate, Translated into Georgian language and legalized by Notary Public or Georgia Embassy

* Original School Certificates ( O level/ SSCE/ HSSC , Bachelor or Master Degree if available), Translated into Georgian language and legalized by Notary Public or Georgia Embassy

* Letter of approval from Education Ministry (For West Africa Nigeria )

* General Health- Medical Certificate issued at least two months prior the entrance in to Georgia . Translated into Georgian language and legalized by Notary Public or Georgia Embassy (Must be legalized by Health Ministry for West Africa , Nigeria )

* HIV- AIDS Negative Certificate issued at least two months prior the entrance. Translated into Georgian Language and Legalized by Notary Public or Georgia Embassy. (Must be legalized by Health Ministry for West Africa , Nigeria )

** Health Insurance covering one year/ for some countries only for Traveling period

* Sponsorship Letter from the Parents/Person who is going to bear the expenses for student during stay/ studying in Georgia . (It is not a condition for all Nationalities)

* Bank Statement to prove financial ability. (It is not a condition for all Nationalities)

** 12 Pictures 3 * 4 cm

** To and Fro Air ticket valid for one year.


* The student needs to check with Georgia embassy in his/ her country of permanent/ temporary stay. Georgia embassy does not require Russian/ Georgian translation for some Nationalities.


General Medicine(MD,MBBS)

Duration: 6 years

Medium of instruction: English

Tuition Fee:5000$/year

Accommodation:1000$/year(varry from 500-1000$)

Medical Insurance:100$ one time

Registration fees:100$ one time

Initial Medical Checkups:100$/one time

Airport Pickup:200$/one time

Admission Fees:500$/one time




MD Curriculum


Students are Advised, Georgia Education Center is Our Authorized, So About Admission And Visa processing Please Contact to Them.


00380 63 861 7571, 00380 50 7555 029

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