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Different professions require different educational qualifications to be fulfilled in order for the individuals to be qualified as a professional in their respective fields. The medical profession is no exception when it comes to the various degrees that need to be acquired by the individuals prior to them being acknowledged as professionals. MBBS and MD are two such degrees that are required for medical professionals to be acknowledged as doctors. However, several differences exist between these two degrees which give them each the uniqueness that they possess as individual degrees.

What is MBBS?

MBBS is an undergraduate degree which stands for Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery. After the completion of a MBBS, an individual becomes eligible to practice as a doctor or a physician. A MBBS is considered as a basic qualification which usually lasts for over four and half years during which the students go through many aspects of medicine and training in basically all branches of medicine. Therefore, a MBBS is considered as more of a general degree in medicine.


What is MD?

MD is a Masters or a postgraduate level degree that stands for Doctor of Medicine. It is a specialization course which can be completed within the course of two years and for this degree, a student is required to specialize in areas such as pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics, ophthalmology, dentistry and etc where a highly practical training will be provided specifically on the area of expertise that they choose.


What is the difference between MD and MBBS?

MD and MBBS are both medical degrees that are intended for professionals of the medical field and yet, they are very different from one another with regards to many aspects. A MBBS is considered as a basic undergraduate degree which needs to be completed in order for a student to be qualified as a practicing physician or a doctor whereas a MD is more of a specialized Masters or a Postgraduate level degree that is obtained by individuals who wish to further specialize in the field.


A MBBS usually takes the time of about four and half years to be achieved whereas a MD only takes up the time period of two years to be completed. Also, MBBS is more of a general degree where every aspect and branch of medicine will be touched during its course whereas MD is more of a specialized degree where a student reading for one is required to specialize in a specific branch of medicine of his or her choice. Another factor which differentiates the two is that while a MBBS is more focused upon theory, a MD is more concentrated upon practical training. However, for the completion of both the degrees, many universities and institutions require the submission of a thesis or a dissertation as mandatory.


However, in order to achieve a MD, one needs to first complete a MBBS. In fact, in order to qualify for any postgraduate or a Masters degree, one needs to first be in possession of a MBBS degree. Therefore, a MBBS serves as the most basic qualification for a medical professional to engage in higher studies or to practice as a doctor or a physician.






MBBS is a basic undergraduate degree. MD is a Masters or a postgraduate level degree.

MBBS is needed for an individual to practice as a physician or a doctor. One does not need a MD in order to practice as a doctor or a physician.

MBBS takes much longer to complete than a MD.

In order to read for a MD, one needs to first have a MBBS.

MBBS is a general degree. MD is a specialized degree.



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