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The term business visit, from an immigration perspective defines a short trip that does not require work permits and authorizations in Kosovo. As such the business traveler is only allowed to undertake specific business activities allowed by Kosovo legislation, during which visitor represents interest of employing company based outside of Kosovo.


Allowed Activities

Business visitors must generally limit their activities and may undertake the following:

attend business meetings, negotiations

attend exchange programs, conferences, seminars

attend congresses and workshops on trade and economic questions

attend auctions, exhibitions, shows and other such events

In certain cases a foreign national may convert from visitor to work permit status without leaving the country. Please contact Move One to confirm whether a visit may be classified as business.


Entry Requirements and Limitations


Kosovo does not yet apply a visa regime. Any foreign citizen can enter the territory of Kosovo without a visa, and stay in Kosovo for up to 90 days, if appropriate set of documentation is presented upon entry.



Return ticket to home country

Proof of sufficient funds for duration of stay

Invitation letter from host entity verified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The border police save the right to detain entry in case of reasonable suspicion regarding a visitor’s documentation or reason for entering Kosovo.

For specific requirements visitors should contact their country’s embassy in Kosovo to confirm entry procedure. List of foreign consulates in Kosovo is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo.

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival to Kosovo, visitors intending to stay for more than 90 days, must register at the Kosovo Police and obtain a stay permit.


Spouse and Children


In order to carry out paid activities in Kosovo a work authorization is required valid for a predetermined period of time and allowing the foreigner to hold a temporary job in the country. The process for obtaining work and residence authorization depends on factors including but not limited to nationality, company type and payroll.


Key Questions to Determine the Process

Answers to the following questions will determine what immigration process must be followed for a foreign employee:


Location of company (region within Kosovo)?

Company type (limited liability, branch office or representative office)?

Location of payroll (home or host)?

Job position and description?

Estimated start date of assignment?

Will family members join?

Respective nationalities of family members?



Typical Procedures & Timelines


For a specific case please contact Move One.

Step 1: Invitation Letter

14 – 30 days

Step 2: Work Permit

30 days

Step 3: Stay Permit

14 – 30 days day

The approved invitation is comprised of a paper certificate issued by host company and registered with immigration authorities, based on which a foreigner may enter Kosovo.



Proof of health insurance coverage in Kosovo

Criminal Record Certificate

Proof of Accommodation

Proof of Sufficient financial means

Warranty sheet from company certified by the municipality court

Employment Permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare


*The time-frames are an estimate and authorities can shorten or extend it according to their requirements. Immigration procedure vary depending on many variables therefore specific information about the foreigner and / or family member will be needed to better clarify the specific procedures that will be involved.

Employment Enrollment Formalities


Medical insurance has not been regulated by law in Kosovo. Until this law is ratified, the residents of Kosovo can buy medical insurance in private companies that provide this service. Before traveling to Kosovo, foreigner has to arrange medical insurance abroad.


Local hires must be registered with the tax authority by their employers. Based on the registrations the company must pay regular contribution to the tax authority.

Work Permit Exemptions

Following foreigners may be exempt from the work permit requirement:

Business visitors

Foreign diplomats

Representatives of non-profit, non-government organizations

Key personnel of trade enterprises defined by agreements between EU member states and Kosovo

Managing director of a foreign company’s branch office registered in Kosovo

Specialists working in Kosovo based on international agreements and cooperation

Lecturers, scientists, professors, if there is a public interest, as a result of their particular knowledge

Foreign correspondents or reporters with media accreditation

Spouse and Children

Family members may accompany a main traveler on a long-term assignment. Requirements must be reviewed individually per each case.

Dependents must obtain an invitation letter to enter Kosovo and a stay permit for long term residence.

Marriage and birth certificates are required for family member applications and must be legalized.


Processing times for applications may vary depending on individual circumstances, therefore assignments must be planned well in advance.

The government of Kosovo sets the number of work permits for foreign persons at the end of each year for the following year. The work permit quota is announced on December 15 of each year.

There are various types of work permits issued for different work activities in Kosovo. Validity of work permits differs by type.

An employer is obliged to sign a written employment contract with the foreign citizen before commencing the work, not later than 15 days from the date when the work permit was issued.


Vital documents are official records issued by government institutions to individuals, essential as proof of identity and status. Move One offers support for the procurement of vital documents in Kosovo, as well as their legalization for use outside the country.

Birth Certificate

A birth certificate documents the birth of an individual, naming a child’s biological parents, indicating the date of birth and the place where the child was born. Birth certificates may be required as supporting documents during immigration procedures.


A Kosovan birth certificate is issued in the local registry office, where a child’s birth was registered. A birth certificates is issued in the Albanian, Serbian and English language and includes details of the individual as well as the individual’s parents.

It is possible to obtain a duplicate of an original birth certificate. Issuing time and required application documents may vary depending on the registry office processing the request.

Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate serves as proof of an act of marriage between two individuals. Marriage certificates may be required as supporting documents during immigration procedures.


A Kosovan marriage certificate is issued in the regional governmental office where the marriage was registered. A marriage certificates is issued in Albanian, Serbian and English language and includes details of the husband, wife as well as the witnesses.

It is possible to obtain a duplicate of an original marriage certificate. Issuing time and required application documents may vary depending on the regional office processing the request.


Public documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, criminal record certificates and notarial attestations of signatures, frequently need to be used abroad. However, before a public document can be used in a country other than the one that issued it, its origin must often be authenticated.


The traditional method for authenticating public documents to be used abroad is called legalization and consists of a chain of individual authentications of the document. This process involves officials of the country where the document was issued as well as the foreign consulate of the country where the document is to be used.



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