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Study & Living in Georgia

Georgia is one of the most exciting and stimulating countries in the world. A mix of modern and traditional, Georgia has a history is a cultural and commercial country going back to thousands of years Georgia is our home nationalities and the worlds major languages are spoken here.

Every religious, cultural, social and political group is represented and the diversity of its people is one of Georgia major strengths. It is well placed to offer excellent student support, teaching and research

Georgia also has a distinctive mission that continues the tradition's of its well established universities which has well equipped facilities which are eminent abroad to achieve their full potential education for personal development and history.

We assist our students in following:

  • Overseas Insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Visa Charges
  • Document processing in the University
  • Document processing in Georgia
  • Lawyers / Notary charges in Georgia
  • Air port pick up in Tbilisi (Georgia)
  • Phone call to their country to inform parents (after arrival)
  • Cold drink and snacks at Airport
  • Transfers to pre booked apartment/ hostel
  • Opening of your Bank account
  • Submitting your documents and getting your TRC processed in Tbilisi (Georgia)
  • Orientation of Georgia


Estimated Monthly Expenses: Currency: 1USD = 2.35 GEL (Lari) on 23.02.2016

Expenses may differ depending on the living style, following is rough estimate.

  • Rent for an apartment: GEL 150 - GEL 200
  • Food a month: GEL 150- GEL 200
  • Bus a month: Pass GEL 25
  • Metro Pass a month GEL 25
  • Hostel Accommodation a month shared with two: GEL 100-GEL
  • Rent for a shared apartment with two students: 100 GEL- 150GEL


Self cooking & living in sharing is quite cost effective and cheap.

Work Opportunities & Average Salaries

If you are willing to adopt very good European culture and life style. then only you should go. If your main purpose is to earn money, then opening up your own business is suggested, than doing jobs in Georgia.
Currency: 1USD = 2.35 GEL (Lari) on 23.02.2016

General Semi Skilled worker GEL 600 to 800

Skilled Worker GEL 800 to 1100

Person having good IT experience GEL 1500 to 1800

Doctors, Engineer, Nurses and other Highly Skilled workers = As per the requirement of Employer and their education with experience.

"TRC" Temporary Resident Card for Students: Benefits

Stay for full year
Easy renewal
PR / Citizenship after 5 years
Work full time
Possibility of making investments
Starting your Business
Work Permit not Required for students

Renewal of "TRC": After one year, you have to submit all available documents (with our assistance) to renew your "TRC" in 3 - 4 weeks time.


Hostel facility for students is also available. These facilities are made available as per the requirement of the students. Accommodation for students is very comfortable and upto the European life stands.



Living in the flats or in the apartments are always interesting then living in the University hostel. Living in the flats always give more responsibility and freedom.

Tbilisi has a wide range of accommodation from modern multi unit houses to historic houses. When you decide to stay in the flat, you can search through local news papers or by the local agencies. Vacant flats are advertised in the newspaper, on notice boards and through rental agencies. Students can find different kinds of flats. You will need to budget very carefully to meet all your expenses, before selecting a flat.

Normally two room flats cost about 150$ per month in the center or near to the University. You can also approach the University International office for the assistance regarding flatting.

Approximately Per Person 50-70$ / Month  - Normal Class
Approximately Per Person 150-170$ / Month  - High Class










In order to live comfortably while you are in Tbilisi. The cost of living is cheaper than any other cities in the European countries. It is difficult to give a precise figure because of differences in the student lifestyle.


You will receive advice from financial advisers at the on how best to handle your money, but initially it is important to note that you should have some cash for immediate costs (e.g. airport costs or transport). You may need further funds in the form of travellers cheques which can be readily cashed. There are foreign exchange offices everywhere in Georgia.


We strongly recommend that while in Georgia you do not carry large amounts of cash on your person or leave cash in your room. We suggest opening a bank account as soon as possible after arrival. We suggest opening a bank account as soon as possible after arrival. There are four banks with branches in the different areas. There are numerous automatic teller machines that dispense cash 24 hours a day.


Any major amounts of money may be sent in the form of a bank transfer, but electronic transfers are, in most cases, the most efficient method of sending funds to Georgia. Payments can also be sent by western union and Money Gram. Overseas cheques are sometimes difficult to clear and are not recommended.



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